10/31 NICU Day 69

Happy Halloween from Olivia and her patients! 

We had a fun time getting dressed up and having a candy bowl out for the staff. Of course it was filled with candy bar minis and sour patch kids…! Olivia was all decked out with her surgical cap, badge (RN-registered nugget😆), and stethoscope. Our little nugget may not grow up to be a nurse, but we thought this was a great way to show our (and her) appreciation to all our nurses! 

Olivia did have some difficulty today with lots of desat events/episodes. Mostly associated with feeding and reflux. The doctor assured that lots of preemies do have these events and may need oxygen during feeds until they learn to eat, breath, swallow. It’s a lot for preemiesShe will have speech therapy tomorrow who will help her with the swallowing process. We will see what happens tomorrow! For today she was able to continue to stay off the oxygen. We will continue breast feeding and practice bottle feedings tomorrow as well. Overall very excited and happy about Olivia’s progress. 

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