10/4 NICU Day 42

 Pretty easy going day for Olivia. We met our new doctor who will be on for the next two weeks. No major changes to her plan of care which is great. 

The NP today did mention in rounds that Olivia’s heart murmur sounds ‘more harsh’ on exam. So they ordered another ECHO (ultrasound of her heart). Not sure what it will show but I am hoping the hole in her heart isn’t any larger. It’s not atypical for babies to have a murmur (which is caused by a hole in the heart-the blood flow causes the murmur sound) it usually closes on its own. So we will see what the repeat test shows. As usual I am a little nervous so I’ve been praying for no change or for improvement. I will hear the results tomorrow in rounds so hopefully will have good news for tomorrow. 

For me, I was informed I have to start maternity leave today in order to receive the paid benefit from work. It’s bittersweet. I was just getting used to a modified schedule at work, I enjoyed the breaks from this hospital to go work at my hospital, and I enjoyed being able to see my work family. However, I’m looking at the bright side. It will be nice to spend much more time with Olivia and when she does come home, I still have some options for time away from work..it will just be different then maternity leave. So I’ve “checked out” a ton of virtual library books and ordered some comfy clothes (for me) and plan to spend good quality time here in the NICU for next couple weeks. When I need the breaks I’ll spend much needed time organizing the house in anticipation of her arrival home! Time keeps flying by-she will be home before I know it!!

Praying specifically for Olivia’s heart today. As always praying that the results come back with good news. She has lots of tests coming up too. We are always in constant prayer that God continues to give Olivia good health, stability, and growth. 

I was reading a devotional on Colossians today. It talked about how we as believers are joined in unity with each other because of Christ. Having more then just blood related family come to our aid & giving support has been unbelievable. It has been amazing witnessing how God has been listening to and answering prayers-and not just mine and Kevin’s. 

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