10/5 NICU Day 43

Olivia was just as sweet as could be today. I was able to participate in a couple of her care times. She’s been doing well with maintaining her oxygen status and has not had nearly as many events as she had been. Her growth curve is improving, she’s now 2 lbs 13.2 oz, and the doctor is very pleased. 

The results of her ECHO came back yesterday evening after I posted. Going into rounds today I already knew what they were going to say. The PDA (hole in her heart) is larger. For now the plan is to watch and wait (I’m noticing this is a common theme in the NICU) and see if she has any symptoms of the PDA causing issues. Like I said before, she is doing well, and other than hearing a louder murmur during her evaluations, there was no indication for a follow up ECHO. 

I asked a ton of questions that we just won’t have answers to yet. But basically, if clinically she starts to show symptoms, like increase oxygen demand or swelling, they will treat her with acetaminophen first to see if that helps to close the hole. That’s really all I got out of the team today…that it’s a watch a wait…that she’s doing great…and if she declines they will give her acetaminophen and we go from there. 

In the meantime I’m just going to do my best to enjoy the extra time I have with Olivia during the day (now that I’m on maternity leave-sounds so weird to say) and spend it not trying to be a nurse 😅.

I am doing my best to just put my trust in the team of doctors and not worry. I can’t say it’s easy. It’s hard to not focus on hearing “she’s doing great” when there are other statements on either end. I’m just continuing to pray for God’s guidance in her treatment and His intervention in her health. Although I was told the PDA has a slim chance of closing…I won’t doubt what He is capable of doing. Just look what He’s done so far. 

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