10/9 NICU Day 47

Our little girl is doing good today. Her exam, assessment, and labs all suggest that she does not have an infection. However, the X-ray shows what the radiologist is calling “possible pneumatosis “. The doctor is not convinced. His exact words were “my level of concern for infection is very low” but because of the radiologist they will “remain cautious” and watch her closely for any changes. Because she was placed on fluids she was changed to the intensivist team (the team of doctors she was previously with before being downgraded). I feel like maybe there are other qualifications but according to the nurse today, just being on IV fluids can change your status. 

Olivia was very calm today during our visit. She didn’t appear to be in any discomfort or pain. In fact she was all swaddled and happily sucking her pacifier when we arrived early this morning. She didn’t have any events the entire time we were with her and was even back to room air on her bubble CPAP. I know that this is yet another bump in the road on this NICU journey. All the doctors have tried to prepare us for the not so great times or the times we have to be patient. It’s still difficult. We are reassured that she isn’t causing the doctor to be concerned and that the nurses still say she is doing amazingly for her gestational age. Apparently many other babies have a more difficult time getting to 31 weeks. And so while I continue to pray over and worry for my baby…I also say little prayers for the other babies in the NICU. It really isn’t easy…but as one nurse described why she loves the NICU-“it isn’t every day or in everyone’s line of work that you get to see miracles take place.” 

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