10/6 NICU Day 44

No changes for Olivia today.

Spoke a little more in depth with another doctor and NP today who both continue to feel Olivia is doing great. I continue to struggle with “her oxygen continues to drop, but she’s doing great!” or “the hole in her heart is larger but she’s doing amazing!”. The nurse today explained I need to think in terms of Olivia being 30 weeks gestational age-that YES she is doing amazing considering her preemie status. I keep forgetting that everything she is doing is not what a typical baby of this gestational age would be doing! Changing my perception helps me to better appreciate how well Olivia is growing.

I’ve also embraced maternity leave. I spent the entire day today with her, minus a short break I took to go out and enjoy the weather with a short walk. It’s nice to not have time constraints on how long I can kangaroo with her or how long I can spend just being near her in her room. 

Olivia has gained more weight. Her growth is right on track now which is amazing. 2.97 lbs! I literally can’t believe it. She’ll be a nice rolly polly baby in no time! I’ll try to post a good picture before the end of the week to show progress :) 

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