11/1 NICU Day 70

 After Olivia’s events yesterday, the doctor decided today that she should go back on nasal cannula. Olivia is receiving the tiniest bit of oxygen with the hopes it will help during feedings. Like yesterday, the doctor explained she wants to set Olivia up for success. Making sure she can focus on eating completely is a big priority right now. Since the acid reflux seems to be what causes her desats, they are convinced she will easily come off the oxygen in a bit. No plan on when they will take it off again, but maybe in a week or so, once she’s taking full bottle feeds. I have a lot of questions for rounds tomorrow-and that is one of them. 

Speech ended up not coming today. Based on the note I read in my chart, they felt she needed to be more stable. I guess yesterday all the desats made them nervous to work with her. But that’s another question for tomorrow. In my opinion, Olivia is doing wonderful. In fact, Olivia has even gained more weight. She is slightly past 4 lbs! It is so hard to believe! Overall, today was probably one of my least concerned days regarding the hospital and Olivia. 

I did take a few pictures of her without her oxygen since it may be a few days before I get to see her whole face again! 

Feeling pretty worn out from the NICU and long hospital days lately. I am so thankful for no major set backs and even more thankful that Olivia has been so healthy. But even in thanksgiving I’ve found weariness. Matthew 11:28 when Jesus says “come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest” has been a reminder that I need to continue to find refuge, strength, and comfort in God. So, in addition to my continued prayers for Olivia, I’ve started to reflect more on how I also need Him and the rest, the strength and the peace only He can give. 

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