11/11 NICU Day 80

Another couple of easy days for us! Olivia is continuing to grow- 4 lbs 9 ounces today! She is doing really well with oral feedings. Still tires herself out a little bit, but improving every day. I believe she’s taking about 25% of her feedings orally. A huge jump from just 7% a few days ago. It’s been amazing watching her grow.
Her eye exam on Wednesday went better then expected. Still that same ‘normal/abnormal’ diagnosis BUT everything is moving toward normal. The eye doctor felt comfortable waiting for two weeks to recheck Olivia’s eyes. But, since that week is Thanksgiving, she will be checked next week. 
Tomorrow Olivia has a routine 36 week head ultrasound. We aren’t expecting anything abnormal but still praying for normal results! I also can’t believe this means she is 36 weeks tomorrow. 

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