11/14 NICU Day 83

We’ve just been taking it easy over here! 

Olivia is SUCH a happy baby, unless she’s hungry then she’s moody…but we’ve all been there before. She is now weighing in at 4 lbs 15 oz! I can’t believe our little nugget is almost five pounds. She seems huge! 

Olivia is working on oral feedings and not needing any oxygen. Those are our two big things now. So far she’s up to about 27% of her feeds being oral. Seems like a long way to go but that is just after one week. Once she gets her stamina I think she will be a great eater. 

Today we are trialing room air again. She does really well without oxygen but we will see how she does without oxygen while feeding. It’s a lot for these preemies to remember to do all the things we take for granted…like remembering to breathe in between ‘bites’. Praying that she is strong enough to pass the room air trial with flying colors. It’s just one of the last couple little hurdles we need to jump before she gets to come home. Still no official date on that, but Kevin and I are being optimistic. Hopefully she will be home before the end of the month. Until we know, we are just taking one day at a time and being SO grateful for these really good days. 

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