11/15 NICU Day 84


Olivia is back on the 0.1L of oxygen…but not upset about it. Olivia does fatigue pretty easily while eating without that little whiff of oxygen. Although it would have been nice to be off the oxygen and closer to reaching a good milestone, having her be safe and strong is best. The plan is to work really hard on her feeding and get her to taking her full feeds orally. Once she reaches that goal, we can start to wean and eventually remove the oxygen. 

I go back to work this week. (I’ll take the rest of my maternity leave when she comes home). So the next few days may be spotty with blog posts and pictures. But please continue to keep us in your prayers and thoughts! This period of time (specifically this last week and upcoming weeks) are requiring a lot of patience. Maybe because we seem so close to bringing her home. Or maybe because compared to even a few weeks ago, she appears to be a big healthy baby (5 lbs!). Thinking we are waiting mainly on her to get good with eating…seems crazy after all we’ve conquered! I will be updating as much as I can! 

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