11/29 NICU Day 98

 I think all the nurses are feeling the Christmas spirit with all this cold weather…

This was the best picture I could get of Olivia in this 6 MONTH SIZE onesie 😂. The nurse said it was just too cute to not put on our little nugget! 

Olivia is doing pretty well with her newly decreased level of oxygen. No events/episodes (if you don’t remember these events are things like low oxygenation, super low heart rate, or if she stops breathing/apnea). The nurse practitioner on Sunday brought up the realization that we may need to take Olivia home on oxygen and have the specialist team follow up outpatient. I am trying to focus on the “take Olivia home” part. 

One of the other points in conversation Sunday was Olivia’s decreased drive to eat. Apparently Saturday Olivia ended on about 20% of feeds by mouth. I guess Olivia heard the doubting in rounds because she finished Sunday with a whole 47% of her feeds taken orally. I was SO encouraged. However, today she dropped again. Maybe it’s just gaining stamina and energy that she is still working on. The doctors are still encouraged at how well she is doing considering she was born at 24 weeks. It always makes this mama thankful to be reminded by the doctors and nurses how strong and loved our baby is (note the heart shaped tape!)

This morning I was worried, overwhelmed, and frustrated with how Olivia’s feeding has progressed-or not progressed. How will she ever get to her feed goals? Will she come home on oxygen? How is this going to happen? How is she ever going to come home?! I was thinking all this just as I found encouragement from a friend and believer who posted her devotion for today. “When we focus not on our circumstances but on His power we find peace knowing He is faithful and is with us through every hill, valley, and mountaintop. We find peace not in knowing the how but the who”. I was then sent a message from another sweet friend who reminded me it is OK to have “pity” days. When I have these days, to remember I am experiencing a true miracle taking place. (Thank you Mrs. Gayle). God knew what I needed before I reached out to Him. He spoke to me several times through encouraging words from my community. I am so thankful for the prayers! For the positive comments! For friends, strangers, family…all who are so kind and selfless thinking of us in the midst of the holidays and every day minutia. I say it so many times, but it means so much to us. I can’t wait for Olivia to grow and see the amazing, loving community that surrounds us! 

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