11/3 NICU Day 72

 Today is another short post…which I definitely don’t mind!

Olivia did have her eye exam today. The exam is showing the same normal/abnormal findings. ‘Normal’ for premature babies but abnormal because retinopathy isn’t a normal finding. Again, so hard to explain…basically she has another exam next week to keep an eye on the progression (‘keep an eye on’…ugh I’m turning into my father with the dad jokes). The eye exams always seem to take a lot out of her, she was a little trooper though! After her exam she worked with speech, occupational therapy, and lactation. Such a happy little girl. :)

Olivia has been doing great with her oral feedings! I still hate she has to have the oxygen while we get over the hump of learning to swallow, suck, and breathe. But it makes sense and I’m just thrilled she’s doing so well. Still feels like we have a long way to go but I’m beginning to feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I am thankful for a good day with Olivia. I am thankful that she is progressing even if it feels slowly. Still working on trusting that God will keep her progressing. Sometimes when things are going well with her, I catch myself getting anxious waiting for things to go bad. I’m doing my best continuing to be thankful and remembering all He has done! 

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