11/5 NICU Day 74

 Olivia has been doing very well! Yesterday and today were both very uneventful. Breastfeeding is still our big progression-she’s doing great! She hasn’t had any events, but is also still on 0.1L of oxygen. Not really sure when the oxygen will come off again. I believe it will be once she is taking full feeds, orally, and no longer needing supplemental feeds from the nasal tube. 

Olivia has worked so hard with all the therapies…although this week OT worked on massage so I’m sure she didn’t mind ‘working’ with them. Her favorite is probably speech though…or the lactation specialist because it always means she’s about to eat. She has already learned when feeding times are and gets very hangry when times are off or delayed. They say it’s a good sign. For a little girl though, she is quite loud. 

She is continuing to hit her small milestones. We are so proud of her! While it seems like we will never reach discharge day, and that can be taxing on us emotionally and physically, it does seem we are in a more stable period of the NICU stay. We are so thankful for all the support, the cards, the prayers, and the gifts that have made this season of life more enjoyable and bearable. We are continuing to pray for strength and healing in our little girl as she grows! 

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