11/7 NICU Day 76

 A couple more low key days for us! Being the weekend and being that Olivia is doing really well, no changes have been made. She is continuing to work on breast feeding. She is slowly gaining weight-tomorrow nutrition may reevaluate her calorie/protein intake. They are doing what they can to optimize her growth and to help her growth velocity continue appropriately. Olivia is still on the 0.1 L of oxygen with no events. I’m really hoping we can start weaning that soon! 

But for now we are just enjoying uneventful nice easy days. The nurses have given us some autonomy as Olivia continues to be stable. It’s been fun being very involved in her care-my favorite is being able to snuggle whenever. Surprisingly, I hate dressing her. No one told me it was hard to dress a baby…but is! It doesn’t help she’s a feisty little thing. So she’ll probably be naked a lot at home. Don’t tell case management or the discharge coordinator!   

We are thankful God has given us some easy days. Very thankful for a family weekend-even though it was spent at the hospital. It’s been fun watching Olivia gain more of a little personality and even more fun being able to be very hands on in her care. We are still praying God continues to work in her little life-for healing and growth, and the He continues to perform miracles. 

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