12/1 NICU Day 100

100. This was my best shot of Olivia also feeling exasperated by that number! At this point I can practically get to the NICU with my eyes closed. I know all the receptionists-most ask about Olivia, I know about 90% of the nurses and doctors, and I know which floor has the best vending machine depending on your snack of choice. 

I’m not sure if I’ve just become delirious or the prayers for peace are washing over me-definetly the latter-but I have such a calm spirit when reflecting and realizing how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go. 

Before I go into too many medical updates- Olivia is up to 6lbs 8oz! She had her eye exam today and the retinopathy is continuing to heal itself (so a good eye exam!). She has another eye exam in two weeks and the doctor made an outpatient appointment just in case 🤞🏼! 

Olivia’s ability to take in her full ordered feeds by mouth is still being hindered by her stamina. (Here’s where this post may get medical so I apologize.) Because she is premature and was born a little after 24 weeks, her lungs were not fully developed at birth. In order to breath and survive babies that early need some type of ventilation to open up their lungs to take breathes. The ventilation can be harmful in that they damage the growth of the lungs BUT obviously the benefit outweighs the risks. So fast forward Olivia’s lungs have grown and matured but still have some repairing to do. This makes it so that she needs a little whiff of oxygen when she is doing something that requires work-like eating. That is the most toned down version of what the doctor talked to us about today. Strip away the medical explanations and basically Olivia’s oxygen was increased from 0.1 to 0.5L in hopes it will help her not work so hard and eat better. The reality we will more than likely be going home on oxygen was also discussed today. Hopefully the increase of oxygen will be the help Olivia needs to kick her eating into high gear!

I am doing my best to remain strong in faith that God knows my heart and desires and hears my prayers regarding going home with Olivia-with her healthy, and not on oxygen. He knows I badly want her home by her due date. Maybe not all my wants will be given to me in the way I requested. But I do have complete peace knowing He has a plan and it is good. 

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