12/10 NICU Day 109

Happy “due” date! Very minimal updates. Olivia has increased her oral feeding to about 65%. She has been started on new medication that will hopefully help her belly not be so upset during and after eating. The doctors want to make sure she can eat about 85-100% before we talk discharge. So we are getting close! Making sure she eats is so important in avoiding problems down the road. Although it’s slow going, and sometimes we don’t understand the medical logic completely, we are thankful and encouraged by her progress. 

In remembering to chose to have a thankful heart, I am focusing on how much Olivia has grown and how much God has blessed us with bringing her into our lives. I am happy to report Olivia continues to grow into a happy little social butterfly. She never wants to miss a thing and is known to have mastered the “sleeping with one eye open”. Although she does tend to prefer Kevin and I, she never turns down a good conversation and cuddle with anyone who is willing too. 

I just added this swing picture because…it’s quickly becoming her favorite place to sit and watch everyone…it’s also been a lifesaver when trying to get her to sleep 😅


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