12/14 NICU Day 113

After my post on Sunday afternoon I was filled with confidence that Olivia’s eating had taken off. She finished Sunday with an oral intake of 71%! Going into Monday I was over the moon with the end in sight! Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Olivia was sleepy and uninterested in eating on Monday. This continued into today. Doctor's are starting to have conversations with Kevin and I about the potential for a semi permanent feeding tube. It's upsetting to me-and to be honest until we know for sure I don't want to go into too many details about this. Basically it would be a tube that is outside her body and goes through her belly to her stomach for direct access to feed her. 

For now, the doctors want to try to strictly use formula and see if that changes her interest. Literally Kevin and I have them trying everything before any type of real surgery discussions. Honestly, I just have to completely give it to God because it seems like no one knows why she isn’t eating fully. Other than being a super preemie (born miraculously at 24 weeks) and being completely on her own timeline (she’s still VERY much on her own schedule)…🤷🏻‍♀️ We just have to have faith she’ll get it. In the meantime, we are counting our blessings, and spending as much time as we can getting in sweet baby cuddles in between work shifts!   

She does have an eye appointment tomorrow-expecting good news from that. Hopefully it will be the last eye exam while in the hospital. 

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