12/18 NICU Day 117

 Yikes. Missed a few days! It’s been a pretty stressful week…and very busy with work. In my last post I mentioned Olivia’s decrease in desire to eat. It was awful. Several days of tears and frustration from both Kevin and I. The feeding tube conversation always made me anxious. I never ever imagined any of this for my child. On Friday 12/17 she had started to slowly increase her intake but was still only taking 50% of her feeds orally. Before heading into the hospital Friday, I had a giant cry session with my mom. 

When I got to the hospital Olivia wouldn’t stop holding my hand. Of course I was emotional all over again thinking of the relationship I have with my mom and how I am longing for the same with my daughter. Olivia ended up taking 77% of her feeds for the day. 

I was (and am) over the moon. I also was approved for maternity leave AND found out Olivia’s eye exam went perfect. No more eye exams except routine. The retinopathy is completely healed. Today the doctors decided to start ‘ad lib’ eating. Basically Olivia has to hit a minimum amount in 24 hours. She can eat every 2-4 hours as she wakes up and acts hungry. So far she has finished one whole bottle today! Oh and her little feeding tube is out! I’m sure I’ll get some good pictures for posting tomorrow. I get to have a sleepover tonight to help get through the ad lib eating. 🥰

I’m trying to keep this short and full of facts. But the doctors did make it sound like Olivia may be home as early as this up coming week. We will see how the eating goes today. I WILL be updating tomorrow. So sorry for being so far behind! 

Please stay diligent with prayers! God has continued to show goodness and faithfulness. His timing has not been my timing but I have been taught a lot of things-especially patience. I am thanking Him for Olivia. Being able to hold her and snuggle her. Thankful for how well she has been doing over all. Thankful that a baby who was given slim chances is essentially thriving. Continuing to pray she comes home soon and without any sort of feeding tubes or oxygen…comes home soon a healthy baby! 

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