12/22 NICU Day 121

Believe it or not these are the only pictures I have from the last couple days! It’s been a busy few days at the hospital. Olivia has been doing so well. The doctor has us all planned to discharge before Friday! Kevin and I have been continuing to split shifts so that one of us is constantly there. We have, as of yesterday, hit all the “going home” milestones. Olivia passed her hearing test, passed her car seat test, and Kevin and I passed all our education ‘tests’. She did lose a little bit of weight over night so Kevin and I are wondering if that will keep us any extra days but seems unlikely. The really big hang up right now is home health and the delivery of oxygen. Long story but something with supply being low and insurance only accepted by a couple oxygen delivery services that support neonates. The doctor was frustrated that this is the hurdle we are stuck on and has commissioned his boss, two case managers, the director of social services, and the director of case manager on figuring something out. 
Strangely enough, Kevin and I both feel at peace about it today. I couldn’t help but think just last Friday I was devastated thinking Olivia would need a feeding tube. Never crossed my mind that in less then a week we are discussing going home, and with no feeding tube. 
In this season of Christmas…whatever your beliefs,  people tend to really focus on family. The thought she may not be home by Christmas does upset me, but Christmas isn’t a specific day (follow me here). It’s a day designated for celebration. Like Thanksgiving, for example, is a time designated for giving thanks…although we should be thankful all year. And in that spirit Kevin and I are choosing to have celebratory hearts. I may not every minute of the day have happiness…and I have been all emotions especially this week…but even in sadness, I can choose joy. Our family Christmas may not look how I imagined 8 months ago, but I’m sure neither did Mary’s-giving birth in a stable. I am so thankful for our sweet baby. We will be home eventually. 

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