12/3 NICU Day 102

39 weeks today! I just love her surprised/shocked look. So funny. 

I’ll keep it short since my last post was so long. Really no changes-we are still working on oral feedings. The last twenty four hours she only consumed 23% by mouth. Today though, she did take a whole bottle! Hopefully she keeps this up through the evening and weekend. We are remembering to celebrate wins though…and that was a big one!

Olivia is also up to 6 lbs 11oz!! She’s officially been upgraded to newborn clothes-the nurses say she’s getting hard to squeeze into her preemie clothes. 

She’s also been getting “bored”. Since she’s getting bigger the nursing staff has been entertaining her in various ways-especially when Kevin and I are not there…

She still isn’t completely sure about the bouncy chair but appreciates being out of her crib…or as Kevin puts it “her baby jail”. 

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