12/5 NICU Day 104

Happy birthday dad!! 

Today was Kevin’s birthday…and although he and Olivia aren’t birthday twins like he was hoping…he still got to spend time with her today. (Which wouldn’t have been the case, obviously, if she didn’t come early!). One of Olivia’s best friends picked out the perfect outfit (ignore the spit up stain 🤦🏻‍♀️) and I threw on a festive bow. 

We are continuing to work on feedings. She did take another full bottle yesterday during a care time. So we know she can do it…it’s just getting over the hump of doing it consistently. Don’t want her to come home only to turn around and be back in the hospital again if she stops eating. Another positive, besides the whole bottle yesterday, is that she is consistently eating more than last week…between 35-40% the last two days. Praying this continues and that we get our miracle baby home very soon! Still no discharge date yet…for those that ask…once she is eating above 75% consistently I think we will have a better idea of a discharge date. 

Oh and one last thing….she has officially out grown preemie clothes…not in length but girth. She’s 6.8 lbs today and struggling to button her clothes: 

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