1/29 One month post NICU

One whole month at home with Olivia! 

She’s now 5 months old, a month and a half adjusted. Such a confusing way to keep track of her age. Basically it’s for pediatricians and tracking-although she is five months old, she may hit milestones slower for now since her body is still catching up. As a new mom I don’t even know when all the milestones are supposed to happen…so it makes it easier to take one day at a time. 

We’ve been working a lot on tummy time. Besides being snuggled this is Olivia’s favorite time of day. She’s getting very good head control and has even started trying to scoot herself across the mat! She’s always so proud of herself when she makes it to the ledge so she can peer over. 

Her other favorite activity is bath time. The faucet fascinates her. The first bath we gave her she kept looking at us like, “Do you guys see this thing?!” And then would proceed to stick her arm or legs into the stream and stare back at us in pure disbelief & delight. 

Olivia is being followed by not only her pediatrician, but also by the specialist clinic from the hospital. The specialist clinic is managing her oxygen and medications. For now, the doctor thinks it will be “several months” before we are oxygen free. Initially I was frustrated and honestly devastated-I believed at discharge we would be free from oxygen within a month of being home. But it is a slow, safe process so I can’t be upset. Just as God is always reminding me, He is in control. It may not take several months. Similar to the NICU, I am remembering to keep a thankful attitude- it has been hard as I sit primarily confined to one room of the house…but to look into her face and squeeze her and hold her 💕…I’m immediately thankful. 

Olivia has continued to grow and is now a big 10.5lb baby-and that was at last week’s appointment! She has seen her first snow and slept through mom and dad building a snowman. She's also had several visits from her three oldest cousins, her grandparents, her Aunt and Uncle in Clayton, and her Aunt Joanne (not pictured). She loves all the attention! 

Speaking of sleeping…she is sleeping really well! Which is great and not just because when she isn’t, she is typically crying (shrilly) or squealing. She hasn’t mastered being able to entertain herself yet and usually requires someone talking to her or holding her for her to be calm. She’s going to be quite the social butterfly. Kevin is looking forward to her being loud and talkative like her mama. 

This last month has been great with both Kevin and I home. Kevin heads back this week to work which is a bummer but makes family time so much more precious. We are so excited for the next month and for all the joy little Olivia brings to our home.  

Psalm 9:1 

I will thank the Lord with all my heart; I will declare all your wondrous works. 

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