May Moments

This little monkey has been keeping us on our toes! 

 Before I get too ahead of myself we have some exciting news! Olivia did so well with her 2 week trial of no oxygen that the doctor allowed for it to be removed completely! We are oxygen free!! She is still on medications and the “prescription” for oxygen hasn’t been removed (as a ‘just in case’), but hopefully when we go back in June all will be well and we can officially be done with oxygen, return all the equipment, (and get some space back in our tiny house!).

Summer weather seems to be upon us here in NC so we aren’t going on as many walks as we had been. We have started to use our small baby pool and take advantage of my parent’s  neighborhood pool. Olivia absolutely loves the water! It’s difficult to take a picture of her in the pool so here’s one of bath time. Her face is practically the same whether in the bath or in the pool-pure joy! 

Olivia has also started to eat solid foods but because her need to have higher calories in order to help her catch up, she is still taking formula. I’ve been encouraged with her eating solid foods as she’s had such a hard time with eating basically since NICU. I’m hoping she starts to enjoy eating so it’s less stressful on us. So far she’s really taken to green beans but has also tried carrots, peas, and baby oatmeal.

The last couple days she’s been trying to do it herself (unsuccessfully-but getting close). So we probably need to look into some safe finger food options soon!

Olivia has gotten stronger and a little more mobile. She’s enjoying her bouncer we borrowed from our sweet neighbors. Pretty sure she’d stay in it all day if I let her. 

She has also been practicing sitting up on her own! We see PT (physical therapy) again at the end of June. Her progress so far has been stellar and she hasn’t required any therapy. It’s lots of hard work but she’s been a champ!

Ecclesiastes 11:5 As you do not know the way of the wind, or how the bones grow in the womb of a woman with child, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything. 

I may never know why we’ve had certain trials or for that matter, why we’ve been blessed with such a miracle. But I know without a doubt God has plans for this sweet baby. I pray that I, her father, her family, and community will be able to encourage her and give her the tools she needs to grow physically and spiritually into exactly who God planned and made her to be. 

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